Denton Considers Banning Cell Phones on the Road

DENTON -- You have probably seen it before: people texting or talking on the phone while driving.

“I do see a lot of cell phone use in Denton, and I do actually use my while in the car use my phone in the car,” Summer Rima said.

And she isn’t alone. Denton police say they’ve seen a rise in distracted driving cases since 2013. Some hope to get the Denton city council to adopt a complete ban on cell phone use while driving.

“If you look at those numbers and say if we can achieve this through a ban, get those number dropped down, then hopefully that will make our streets more safe,” Denton officer Shane Kizer said.

Ashley Terrell weighed in on the potential phone ban, “Being in a college town, everyone uses their cell phone so I don't particularly think it's a bad thing to have some laws against it.”

“I agree with the ban on cell phone use in cars in terms of hands-free. If you have it going through your radio or through a hands-free device like a Bluetooth, I think that`s fine,” Touch Bareis said

If the ban is passed, it could cost you up to $200.00, but you’re in the clear if you're using a hands free device.

This wouldn’t be the first time the city of Denton has made the call to prevent distracted driving. Back in 2014, the city adopted a ban on texting while driving.

“As simple as you can put it, when you are driving you should be focused on the road and not anything else including a cell phone or any handheld device,” Officer Kizer said.