In the Wrong? A Familiar Face Claiming Police Mistreatment

DALWORTHINGTON GARDENS -- A familiar face found himself in a familiar situation Sunday night as he was going home from the Dallas Cowboys game.

Mark Hughes - the man mistakenly identified as the suspected shooter in the July 7th shooting in Dallas - found himself being interrogated by police again. This time by a Dalworthingon Gardens officer.

According to Hughes, he was pulled over shortly after 1:00 AM Monday morning because he had his high beams on.

Now that's not why he was arrested, though.

Dalworthington Gardens PD released a statement to NewsFix saying the officer "observed traffic violations," and pulled Hughes over. That's where he failed to show his driver's license. It was also eventually determined that there was at least one municipal warrant in his name, and was then taken into custody.

Hughes even admitted - in the Facebook Live video of the arrest - to driving without a license.

But - he's still claiming he was mistreated. We'll let you be the judge.