Dallas Man Causes Fright Night At the NY Opera

NEW YORK, NY -- A Dallas man caused quite the scare at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York over the weekend.

The man, identified as 52-year-old Roger Kaiser, was the guy who brought the house down. Investigators say during intermission he walked up to the orchestra pit and sprinkled a white powder into it. It turns out, that powder was the ashes of his dead friend.

Kaiser`s neighbor told Newsfix spreading ashes should not be taken lightly.

"If he had a wish from his friend, then that`s a different story. But if he didn`t have the wish I think that`s bad and that should be avoided in the future," said Shamshad Ansari.

Just last week the Vatican recommended ashes be kept in a church or cemetery and not be scattered all over the place.

After the fright night at the opera, the show was shut down. Thankfully, opera goers weren`t hit with any... dust.

While charges may be pending for Kaiser, maybe he should just, uh... ash-k... next time.