It’s All Good! Singer Lily Allen’s Charity Efforts Is Making Us ‘Smile’

Ever since Lily Allen joined Help Refugees she's been smiling pretty big! At first, the pop-singer was brought to tears after discovering the harsh reality of kids in a makeshift camp in France.

"I`ve got two little girls, and if something was to happen to me and their dad and they were displaced and had to make a run for it, I would really hope that other parts of the world were a little more helpful," Lily explained.

So, The Fear of knowing how bad things can get inspired Lily to join the movement.

"I know that I wouldn`t like to end up here, though," she added. "I certainly wouldn`t want my children to end
up here. This is just a day out of my life but this is their existence."

Now the singer spends her free time helping the non-profit reunite many children with their loved ones. When it comes to doing some good it's The Little Things that go a long way!