Jesse Wells’ Full On Speedster Powers, Wally Has A Desperate Need For Speed and The Flash Faces The Mirror Master!

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

We suspected last episode, but confirmed it this episode when our Flash family figures out Dr. Alchemy is not creating new villains but genetically unlocking their meta-human abilities they had in their Flashpoint Universe counter-parts.

That’s how we got Rival Flash and this weeks episode villain, Magenta.

Fortunately, Barry is able to convince Magenta’s main timeline version Frankie that she can suppress her own villainous counterpart.

It’s during this scene, we get full on Jessie Wells with her speed powers and a blessing from her reluctant father, Harrison Wells.

My biggest fear is that a desperate for speed, Wally West, will seek out Dr. Alchemy to unlock his own Flashpoint powers, especially since a lot of Dr. Alchemy’s experiments have ended in death.

Next episodes teaser promises a costume for new speedster Jessie… comic name Jessie Quick?

And the first appearance of one Flashes biggest bads, the Mirror Master.

I’m so excited for this guys. Mirror Master in the comics can travel through mirrors, make mirror images of himself to fool an attacker and trap Flash inside Mirror Master's own Mirror Universe.

So bring on the Mirror Master in the New Rogues as Flash Season 3 continues!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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