Early Voting Begins in North Texas

ARLINGTON, TX -- The candidates are set, the debates are done, and the decision for the next President of the United States is now up to the voters.

“I think this is a very important election and no matter which candidate gets voted in there’s going to be some major changes to the country,” said voter, Janet Underwood.

Folks can now vote early - and cast their ballots for the November 8th election.

Linda Progler came out to Arlington to vote early, and said, “I wanted to get out here early because I`m not going to be in town.”

“Very exciting, I’ve been waiting a really long time to do this,” said another early voter, Stephanie Parajon. This is her first time voting in a presidential election and according to a recent survey, she isn't alone. In fact, an estimated 69 million millennials are eligible to vote in this year.

With an election as crazy as this one, even some long-time voters are having a hard time making sense of who to vote for.

“It’s very difficult, very difficult for me. So for a first-time voter... I wouldn’t want to be a first-time voter,” Progler said.

Randy Hendricks agreed, “I think it’s a little bit overwhelming, but I think they`ll sort through it and makes the decision that works for them.”

“I did a lot of research on both candidates and I’ve watched every single debate," Parajon added.

So if you’re looking to vote early, check with your county to find a polling place. The process is easy enough, but if you wait until November 8th you run the risk of long lines, and that's something you can definitely count on.