This is What a #NastyWoman Makeover Looks Like…

LAS VEGAS -- Women everywhere are jammin' Janet and reclaiming their "nastiness" after The Donald dropped this nonsense at the final presidential debate...

"Such a nasty woman," he said while interrupting Hillary Clinton.


Well, thanks to Twitter, we're getting to see just how nasty the ladies can get!


Nasty theme song? Check!

Nasty besties? Check!

Don't forget your nasty flyy outfits...


And you have to smell real nasty, too...

Check out this HILARIOUS Nasty Woman perfume commercial.

Nasty Woman makeover complete!

Thank you, Donald Trump. Being "nasty" may be the best thing you've done in this entire wacky campaign.

Now, we can't wait to see what SNL comes up with this week.