Cynthia Santiago: Breaking Through Hollywood

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DALLAS -- When it comes to acting, one Dallas-based Puerto Rican actress is making sure everyone knows her breaking out into the scene is no dress rehearsal.

Born and raised in the island of enchantment, Cynthia Santiago didn't always know she wanted to be an actress.

"I was a ballet dancer for almost all of my life, and when I was about 22, I met another actor. He was working on Prison Break and he said, 'Well, why don't you come and be an extra on Prison Break?' I went as an extra, stayed in character, and got bumped up to two lines, and I thought you know what, this might be a sign."

Since the role on Prison Break, Santiago has landed a variety of roles in movies like 99 Homes, Swindlers, and Daughters of Babel, proving versatility is no problem for her.

"I have done everything from comedies to dramas to horror to being bad. My favorite roles are definitely to be bad, and my favorite role to date is was a film called twisted intentions."

Santiago is not only interested in just becoming a top actress but breaking the stereotypes of what kind of roles Latinas in the industry play.

"Studios and producers and directors have this idea all Latinas look a certain way.  We come in every color; every size in the world, and it’s just really hard sometimes to say look just because I look like this I have to be a Latina maid so it’s just breaking that stereotype worldwide."

With her passion for creating multidimensional characters, Santiago is well on her way to push through Hollywood and crack the mold for Latina actress everywhere.