Chew on This: All Things Fried at the State Fair of Texas

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FAIR PARK – The State Fair of Texas is in full effect and so is all the delicious food. We know it can be a little overwhelming so NewsFix has gotcha covered.

This week we're getting the low down on all things fried. And it's no secret that the State Fair of Texas is deep fried heaven. From the unconventional like the deep fried cannoli bites to the classics like funnel cake.

"Our mother and father were the first to bring funnel cakes to State Fair of Texas,” Christi Erpillo said. Erpillo is the ‘Chief Frying Officer’ at Winter Family Concessions. “We think it was in the late 70's."

But the real mystery is how to eat 'em without making a mess.

"First of all, you're probably gonna make a mess of yourself when you eat a funnel cake because you're gonna be covered in powdered sugar,” Erpillo said. "A lot of people want a fork when they eat their funnel cake. We're like, 'It's finger food. Just rip it off, tear it, and eat it.'"

Now, when it comes to the deep fried, you can't forget the savory. Chew on This: The fair is offering the injectable BBQ brisket balls that you squeeze sauce into for an extra burst of flavor. Crazy, right?!

If you're not daring enough for those, maybe the deep fried clam chowda is more your speed.

"Pretty good, pretty tasty, you know,” Aisha Benson of Texas Ice House told Newsfix. “Instead of sipping soup with a spoon, you're sipping soup with balls, little clam balls."

And they're served on a bed of fried clams with a Sriracha ranch dipping sauce.

Whether it's from the sea, oh so sweet, or just plain saucy, the deep fried goodies you squeeze into your belly at the State Fair of Texas will leave you with a smile.