The Internet Doesn’t Sleep: Hurricane Matthew’s ‘Funny’ Moments

TAMPA, FL -- If you heard a warning like this... probably would take things seriously, right?

Well, some folks are making light of Hurricane Matthew's dark storms, despite terrifying warnings. The hashtag #hurricaneparty is flooding Twitter.

Well, If Matthew doesn't kill her, alcohol poisoning just might.

And check this out:

Ha!  Wonder if video of that will ever surface?

This stork got his feathers ruffled and sought shelter in a Zoo's bathroom...

Awww, poor baby! Maybe waffles will make him feel better. Get this, FEMA is tracking just how bad things are by the number of Waffle Houses that remain open! It's called -- the Waffle House index, y'all.

But all jokes aside, we hope Hurricane Matthew washes all those creepy clowns away.