President Obama Seeing Red in America’s Future

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Now that his term is nearing an end President Obama has his eyes set on new horizons. Not the horizons here on Earth but on the planet Mars.

On Tuesday Obama announced a goal to send humans to Mars by the 2030’s with a long-term goal to remain there for an extended period of time. The most important part of the goal is to have the astronaut eventually return safely to Earth. Obama believes that achieving the monumental feat is possible through the help of private innovators.

One of those innovators is Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk. Last month Musk and his other company SpaceX announced detailed plans to make a trip to the red planet.

Musk not only wants to visit the planet, he wants to start a new civilization there. Once his system is in place. Musk says a person will be able to travel to Mars for one easy payment of $200,000!

We can only dream, right?