Flashpoint Isn’t Over Yet! The Flash Season Premiere Sees Another Timeline Split And Hints At New Villains!

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Hey Flash fans. It’s Richard at Zeus Comics catching you up after the season 3 Flash premiere.

Were you surprised Flashpoint ended so quickly?

Hang on fans because it’s not over, and several of my predictions are about to come true as Barry faces a second timeline split.

So that brings me to episode one’s… What I’m now calling FLASHPOINTS – ah?

Flashpoint #1

In this new timeline, Barry discovers Iris and Joe West are at odds and not talking to each other, but I’m sure that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Family is such an important dynamic and theme to this show. In particular, I love the father daughter relationship between Iris and Joe, so I hope this is resolved in a flash.

Flashpoint #2

Edward Clariss is another character from the comics named the Rival or Rival Flash.

He was introduced in the 1940’s as a reverse-flash of sorts for the Jay Garrick Flash.

Promos are already showing us the return of Jay Garrick Flash, so it’s a sure bet we’re not done with the Rival and maybe some other Earth 2 characters.

Flashpoint #3

We’ve been wondering how Eobard Thawne, AKA Reverse Flash, ends up alive and in the Legion of Doom.

We now know after he kills Nora Allen in the past, he pulls Barry back into the present with him and is on the loose.

Final Flashpoint and #4

Did you get to the end of the episode and huh? Alchemy? What is that? Why is that important?

Well it’s a tip off to the classic Flash villain, Dr. Alchemy.

Dr Alchemy uses the philosopher’s stone to transmute elements, not unlike Firestorm did in Legends when he turned that meteor into water.

Dr. Alchemy in the comics also suffers from multiple personality disorder. So while he may be played as villain in the show, I’m personally on the lookout for his opposite good guy persona as well.

Oh! and what was up with Alchemy being scratched into the mirror?

That’s not a power of the comic Dr. Alchemy. That’s actually another Flash villain named Mirror Master, so I’m on the lookout for him too.

I called the opening of Legends of Tomorrow “Bring on the Heroes.” I’m betting the opposite is true for Barry and crew and dubbing this season “Bring on the Rogues”!

We’ll find out as Flashpoint continues in the next episode “Paradox!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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