Dam Good Now! Construction on Lewisville Lake Dam Near Completion

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LEWISVILLE -- Looking at Lewisville Lake Dam one year ago, your reaction probably would've been something like this:

That's because of a landslide along the dam was considered a big threat to residents living close by.

"There were public comments that were made that were very appropriate about the safety of the Lake Lewisville Dam," explained Texas Congressman Pete Sessions.

It was back in 2014 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers considered the dam high risk because of the shear amount of damage it could have done if it failed. Which would be upwards of $34 billion.

So, the Corps moved in like some eager beavers to fix it!

"We went to work on our end of the business and made sure the Corp of Engineers not only had the money but agreed to the participation to make the dam a high important level," Sessions added.

It might've cost roughly $8 million, but that's nothing when you consider the consequences of letting it fail.