Supergirl: Superman, New Characters And Crossovers Coming in Season 2!

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! This is Richard from Zeus Comics.

Even if you’ve been living under a rock and that rock was made of Kryptonite, you’d still know Superman is coming to Supergirl Season 2!

So far, he’s been seen as series of chat messages, or a glowy, hazy hovering figure.

In the season finale’s battle with Non and Indigo, he was a mind-controlled body in a crowd and hilariously a pair of red boots on an exam table while all the action happens around him.

But finally we’re getting full on Superman!

But Superman isn’t the only new character popping up in Supergirl!

This season we’re also getting Lena Luthor, sister to Lex Luthor. Lena pops up in Supergirl Season 2 as CEO of Luthor Corp.

Over his long history, Lex Luthor has often portrayed as a straight-up villain but sometimes his villainy comes from a distrust of Aliens, like we’ve seen in the show with General Lane and Max Lord.

Will this be the same for Lena? We still don’t know if Lena’s relationship to Kara is friend or foe or “it’s complicated”

Then there’s the evil Metallo. In his comic bio, he’s half man and half cyborg with his robot body powered by Supergirl’s weakness, Kryptonite.

His modern origin also includes ties to Lex Luthor and General Lane. Could he be a science experiment gone awry like last season’s Red Tornado?

Plus Kara Danvers gets a new boss at Catco in Snapper Car!

In Snapper’s classic origin, he’s the mascot / non-powered hip teenage friend to the Justice League. I wonder if we’ll see some connections between Snapper and Superman?

And finally my favorite: Mon El from the planet Daxam!

His powers are identical to Supergirl’s, but instead of Kryptonite his comic book weakness is lead.

Later this season, we’re getting a giant four show crossover planned between Flash, Super-Girl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow involving the Dominators, based on the comic event Invasion!

Interestingly, both Mon El and Snapper Carr are were a part of comic event.

Plus what’s the mystery behind Jeremiah Danvers and Cadmus?

Oh and let’s not forget the kiss with Kara and Jimmy Olsen! Lot’s questions and lots of exciting new stories for Kara ahead in Season 2 of Supergirl!

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