TravelFix: Most Difficult Places for Americans to Travel

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It’s great to get out and broaden your horizons, but you might not be as welcome in some parts of the world compared to others. In this episode of Travel Fix, Drew gives you a heads up of the most difficult places for Americans to travel.

"Generally speaking, Americans have it really good as far as traveling around the world,” says Drew. “We have one of the best passports, meaning we can travel visa free to more countries than almost anybody else. But there are certain regions of the world where we need to get a visa and Americans aren't frequently accommodated there. For example, a lot of the Middle Eastern countries."

Drew continues by saying, "It doesn't apply to everywhere in the Middle East, Dubai is an exception. Israel, it's okay. I've been to Israel twice. Jordan is okay.”

According to Drew, travel difficulties even extend to a place as big as Africa.

"The southern African countries, like South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, those countries, you don't need a Visa, so you can just kind of show up and go. A lot of the central African countries, like Congo, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, those countries you really need to go to the embassy, get a Visa."

Recently, Drew was shocked by how difficult it was to get into one South American country in particular.

"Bolivia was a hard country to get into. I crossed by land from Peru and I spent like three hours at the border. Americans need to pay $170 for a Visa on arrival, which you have to pay in cash otherwise they won't accept it."

Our expert traveler has some advice to help make the process a bit smoother.

"Whenever you travel, you should definitely have those two by two passport photos. You can get them at Walgreen's or CVS. A lot of time when you apply for a Visa, they want to attach that picture on the paper, and they're really specific about that size. Also, you need to have a print out or usually a digital copy of where you're staying. If you're staying at an Airbnb, you have to show the reservation or the hotel. And then, always you need an outbound ticket, whether it's a flight or a bus or a boat.”

In conclusion, Drew tags four regions as the most difficult places to travel to -- “…the Middle East, Central Asia, Central Africa and then Bolivia...are the toughest countries to visit."

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