5 Questions With One Of Dallas’ Top Instagram Models

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Image provided by Tiara Rogers

By Jasmine Ellis, NewsCastic

Tiara Rodgers is one of Dallas’ most wanted — Instagram models, that is.

The silver haired beauty shares her adventures and selfies with a healthy fanbase of 28.2k followers and only plans to expand it more with every gorgeous addition to the Gram.

We sat down for a Q&A with Tiara aka @TheonlyTmarie to find out how she’s built such a huge following and what’s next for her career:

Q: As @onlytmarie, you have a huge following on Instagram. What do you think has lead to your popularity?

A: I feel like my huge following comes from my sense of fashion and style. I also feel like my hair attracts a lot of attention as well, (laughing) I honestly don’t know why.

Q: Of your 28.2k followers, you only follow less than 5% back. What makes you interested enough to follow someone and who are some people you enjoy following?

Image provided by Tiara Rogers

A: “I honestly like to follow people who know a lot about fashion. I also like to follow a lot of independent boutiques and even boutiques outside of the U.S. My favorite person to follow would have to be Teyana Taylor (rapper/singer/actress most notably featured in Kanye West’s now infamous ‘Fade’ video). I love her! I love her fashion sense and I love her modeling work. I also really like @koolkelsey. She is an amazing model.”

Q: As an IG model, it’s your job to cultivate a page that’s accessible and entertaining. How do you decide what to leave off the internet?

A: “I try not to put a lot of my personal and family on my page and keep it strictly about me and my passion for modeling.”

Q: What’s your routine for staying in picture perfect shape? How often do you work out what do you eat? And what’s your guilty pleasure food?

Image provided by Tiara Rogers

A: “I am actually a part of a boot camp called Gladiator Camp. My trainer Brandon Hall makes sure I stay on my workouts and eat healthy. As of now, I’m on a no red meat diet, and it is actually working very well for me. My guilty pleasure would have to be anything sweet.”

Q: How has becoming Instagram famous helped your real world modeling career?

Image provided by Tiara Rogers

A: “I honestly wouldn’t say I’m famous (laughing). I try to stay humble and I still feel like I’m not where I want to be yet, but I appreciate each of my followers’ support. My Instagram following has helped me sign with a management company and working with them has made it possible to get my face out in the world so people can know who I am. My goal is to brand myself and take this to a whole new level.”


Watch Tmarie take it to the next level by checking her out on Twitter and Instagram @onlytmarie.