New Dad Posts Video of Himself Eating Wife’s Placenta For Breakfast

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ENGLAND -- Turns out not everything tastes like chicken. A British man posted YouTube video of him serving up his wife's placenta as part of his hearty breakfast.

“Nine months in the cooking and about 10 minutes in the eating,” new dad Ross Watson says of wife Heather's placenta in a video posted to YouTube September 24. Watson features both raw and cooked versions of the afterbirth in his culinary creation -- and one definitely ranks higher with his tastebuds. "Definitely better cooked," Watson tells the camera.

He describes the placenta as "juicy" once it's been cooked, sort of like liver, but with a rougher texture. Tastes like... "possibly a bad cut of pork." That's not very complimentary to his wife Heather, now is it??

(WARNING: There are some really graphic photos below and you have to be ready for them.)

What does the new mom think of all this? Heather Watson said she was, "disgusted at first, but it's just Ross."

The video was posted September 24 and, so far, has been viewed nearly 40,000 times. Watson talked about the viral video on a morning TV show, saying it all started as sort of joke, but he decided to follow through.

It's believed by many that eating the placenta can help the mother restore nutrients lost during pregnancy and possibly even help with postpartum depression. Not sure what the benefits are for the father, other than YouTube fame.

And you thought the State Fair of Texas had the most weird food. 😃