21 Old School Nintendo Games Worth a Fortune

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Did you play Nintendo as a kid? And we don’t mean Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64, but the original Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt variety. If you happen to have some of the classic titles collecting dust, you may be sitting on some gold!

Recently, Gamespot released a list of 21 rare NES games that are worth a lot of cash. Here are a few you may have hanging around.

First up, Mega Man 5! Yes, there were that many and the world is better for it. But this rare game came out for the Nintendo at the same time people were scooping up the Super Nintendo. You can get Mega Man 5 for under $100 but it can go for $250 with the original box and instruction book.

Now we have Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers 2! A follow-up to the classic original game for the NES, this one came out late in the original Nintendo’s life cycle. If you've got a copy of it, you can fetch anywhere from $175 to $250

Next, Duck Tales 2! If you’ve got this title complete with original box it can get you as much as $350!

Then we really up the ante with Stadium Events from Bandai. Shortly after its release there was a recall on the game. That’s because Nintendo wanted to rebrand the floor pad that came with the game as the Power Pad. If you’ve got all the goods, you can get up to $1000 for this one.

Finally, the super rare 1990 Nintendo World Championships. This interesting cartridge has time trial versions of Super Mario Brothers, Rad Racer and Tetris. Only 26 copies were made available, so you know it’s valuable. In fact, it’s so valuable that in 2014 one of these bad boys sold for $27,000 on eBay!