Zeus Comics Presents: Legends of Tomorrow Recap and Season 2 Preview!

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I’ve spent a lot of time talking about new super heroes and wow oh wow are the CW shows delivering!

Between Flash, Arrow and Supergirl, the new seasons should be dubbed ‘Bring on the Heroes’!

And Legends of Tomorrow is no different.  Promising new characters for Rip Hunter and crew, including the debut of the Justice Society of America!

Last season’s cliffhanger gave us a time jumping, crashed waverider and the sudden appearance of Rex Tyler, AKA Hourman of the JSA.

The Justice Society of America formed in the 1940's and featured early versions of popular characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Flash – specifically Jay Garrick.

That’s why so many freaked when the man in the mask from the Flash season finale turned out to be Jay Garrick

Producer Phil Klemmer called the JSA “the golden age generation of superheroes”so it’s a sure bet we’re going back to the past.

New Heros!

So which characters from the JSA are popping up in Legends?

First  - A new Vixen, this time we’re meeting the  grandmother of Mari Mcabe, the Arrowverse’s Vixen.

Rex Tyler's  Hourman, whose super-human abilities can only last for an hour at a time.

Stargirl  - a special cosmic belt and staff provide this heroine unique abilities.

Dr. Midnight – this hero uses black out bombs to blind  and confuse enemies while he fights in the complete darkness

Obsidian – We may need to turn up the brightness on out sets this season. It’s an interesting choice of the producers to select two characters from the JSA, Obsidian and Dr. Midnight, that use both darkness and shade related powers.

Citizen Steel - Grandson to the 1940s Commander Steel. Citizen Steel is part man, part Metal

We're introduced to Dr. Nate Haywood, AKA Citizen Steel, alongside episode gueststar Oliver Queen in the season premiere.

Dr Haywood unravels a new time crisis for our Legends.

The Bads!

Oh and what about the big bads this season?

Get ready for the Legion of Doom! Damien Darkh! Captain Cold! Reverse Flash! Malcolm Merlyn!

Having a single villain like last season with Vandal Savage made it hard to showcase grand super-hero battles. But with an entire legion of Doom, a JSA plus Rip Hunter and our Legends crew we should get some fantastic action!

Alright Legends of tomorrow, We’re ready - Bring on the Heroes!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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