NFL Baller Donates $35K Paycheck to Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation

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DALLAS -- In football, most ballers would consider a Super Bowl win a career victory. As for Isaiah Crowell, the Cleveland Browns running-back might've just pulled the best play of his pro-career.

The 23-year-old donated his first game check of a little over $35,000 to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

The generous move comes after Crowell came under a red flag review. Back in July, shortly after the Dallas police shootings, he was publicly criticized for posting a picture of a cop getting his throat slit by a man dressed in black.

Crowly quickly deleted the post. He also apologized and attended one of the fallen officer's funerals. And it was at this time that he pledged to donate to the D.F.O. Foundation. Apparently, he kept his word and sent the check to the foundation last week.

Initially, Demetrick Pennie, founder of D.F.O. Foundation refused to accept the athlete's money. In a Facebook post, Pennie explained that he wanted to teach Crowell a lesson by educating him on "the meaning of police service and sacrifice."

And if you ask us, willing to donate your entire pay check speaks volumes.