Fashion Fix: NuLeos

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DALLAS -- If women had a chance to describe bodysuits, we're pretty sure they’d say it’s another piece of clothing designed for a supermodel and not the average woman.

Well, Dorothy Amin and her bodysuit collection, NuLeos, is here to change that. The point behind Amin’s fashion movement is to empower women to be confident in their own skin.

“NuLeos is for the everyday contemporary woman,” says Amin. “It's for the woman that wants to feel sexy but also conservative. Whatever she wants to feel at that moment, she can make NuLeos fit in that realm."

"I think Dorothy, since a very young age, has been about women empowerment, and she really wanted her line produced in America and I think that’s a testament to who she is,” said Dorothy’s mother, Sharon Modabberi Cornell.

Yet, despite always knowing she wanted to make women feel invincible, she stumbled into the fashion business while attending Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas.

"I went into the theater cluster, thinking it was going to be a life of stage of lights and cameras, and I actually fell in love with the design part of it," she says.

And despite the journey into fashion being kind of an accident, Amin has already seen success.

With an appearance at Fashion by Dallas, as well as having Latosha Duffey, also known as DJ Duffey, rocking a very special Texas sized bodysuit, Amin's bodysuit designs are well on their way being a key piece in women’s closets.

Amin says, “The point of NuLeos is to give that confidence and let women know with our insecurities, with our minor imperfections, we're still fabulous!"