Drones Buzz Cowboy Stadium Looking for Dead Spots

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ARLINGTON -- It's all fun and games until you drop a call. It's enough to make you flip out, right? Well, the folks at AT&T are doing what it takes to make sure that never happens, especially while you're rooting for "dem boys" at Cowboys Stadium.

AT&T launched its new drone technology this week to test its towers all across the U.S.

"In the past, we've had to walk these stadiums and do what we call base line testing. Now we can fly," Paula Doublin of AT&T told NewsFix.

It would normally take about a week to check every seat at the stadium for dead spots, but with drones, it takes about a day.

Two drones are used for the test -- one to examine downloads and upload speeds and the other to show where the test is taking place in the building.

"It models it as if it were a fully loaded network, so from there we can understand what the customer is experiencing with their cell phones as they take their selfies as they upload and download," said Art Pregler, AT&T Program Director.

So, which seat has the best cell service at a Cowboy game? Well, they aren't saying, but you can bet Jerry won't be screaming, "Can you hear me now?!?"