Unfriendly? Survey Says Dallas Among Least Friendliest Cities in The World

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DALLAS -- Whether it's Big Tex or the Big Ball, there are plenty of reasons why people call Dallas, "The Big D."

But, could the 'D' also stand for "discourteous?"

A recent survey from The Independent says Dallas is listed as the "least friendly" city in the world.

Turns out, a well-known travel writer put his vote in for Dallas, claiming it's "grudging" and "a city that does not care for the visitor."

He also added that Houston is one of the most warm and welcoming cities in Texas. No shade to Houston, but the only thing he might've gotten right is the warm part!

But maybe it all depends on where you find these lists. If you check out SeniorAdvice.com  you'll see they named Dallas as the top city in America for LGBT retirees!

Not bad, especially for a city that's "unfriendly."