Top 5 Busts in Dallas Cowboys History

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#5 Roy Williams (WR): Traded 2009 1st and 3rd round picks to Lions for him. Only had 13 TDs and 1,400 yards in 2.5 seasons

#4 Quincy Carter: 2001 2nd round draft pick. Just 29 TDs to 36 INTs before being cut in 2004

#3 David LaFleur: 1997 1st round draft pick. Just 729 yards and 12 TDs in 4 season

#2 Bobby Carpenter: 2006 1st round draft pick. Started just 3 games and had only 99 tackles in 3 years

#1 Joey Galloway: Traded 2000 & 2001 first round picks for him. Had only 12 TDs in 4 seasons. One of the first round picks used to get Galloway was used to get NFL MVP Shaun Alexander