Spice of Blythe: Take Care of Yourself!

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DALLAS -- The holidays are almost here, and as much as we all love hosting friends and family, cooking, shopping, going to church, and all the other ways we celebrate the season -  we also all know a dirty little secret about the holidays.  They're stressful!

So let's talk about some ways to de-stress and relax!

First off, some hot tea.  Get something with no caffeine, steep it for a couple minutes, add some cinnamon or honey or lemon, and enjoy.

If a cup of tea isn't your... cup of tea, how about some hot chocolate?  Throw in some big gooey marshmallows, and if you're feeling really naughty, add some peppermint schnapps.

Chocolate, as we all know, is good in many forms, and if you don't want to drink it, allow me to recommend a nice rich chocolate cake.  Enjoy a dessert by yourself, take your time, and savor every bite!

Or maybe you just need a spa day!  Slice up some cucumbers and put them on your eyes.  It'll relax your mind and the puffies around your eyes.

Of course, we can't forget the wine. It doesn't even matter what kind!  White, red, bubbly, cheap, expensive... just pour a glass - or maybe a glass and a half - and let your worries melt away.

And the best place to enjoy that wine?  A bubble bath!  And for an upgraded experience, add some dried and toasted lavender.  It'll make your bath come to life, and refresh all your senses.

The Spice of Blythe is taking the time to take care of yourself!  Don't feel embarrassed to need to pamper yourself sometimes, and don't let the demanding holiday season bring you down.  You got this!