SPAM Brings a New Level of Food Excitement to the State Fair Of Texas

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FAIR PARK -- Bring out the frying pans, and get those creative juices flowing! SPAM has plenty of people going a little crazy at the State Fair of Texas.

The contest has been bringing people together for decades. The competition didn't officially start until the 1990s, but some people we spoke to said their families have been competing since the 1980s. For others, it was their first time.

"Never, never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be in this great contest, and to meet SPAM Man? OMG," said Leza Mesiah.

This year, the fierce competitors needed to bring some "sweet and savory" to the table. SPAM chefs needed to add some sort of sugar, like honey, to their recipes.

"You can see people with an imagination... You can take it to the N'th degree, or you can be plain and simple. A lot people just like being creative with it," said Betty McKnight.

McKnight added to her trophy case on Tuesday with her Sweet and Spicy SPAM-Goons! The recipe includes SPAM Hot & Spicy, pineapple ginger jam, cream cheese, and chives wrapped in wontons. Talk about getting creative in the kitchen!

Congratulations, Betty!