Local Costume Store Owner is “Excited About The Clown Phenomenon”

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ARLINGTON -- Usually on Halloween, clown costumes are all the rage! But, considering the current clown scare haunting the area, dressing up as Pennywise might not be a wise idea!

The big noses and red wigs might scream stranger danger to most people, but if you ask Kimberly Nielsen, owner of Costumes By Dusty in Arlington, it may mean big bucks!

"We're excited about the clown phenomenon because it could be very good for business," Nielsen told NewsFix. "We might do one every Halloween but we have a feeling this year it might be very different!"

And to juggle things around a bit, Nielsen says sometimes the cops are the main clown customers.

"We dress a lot of Arlington Police, they'll come in and get their Halloween costumes," she added.  "I'm not going to turn anyone away on the clown idea, but I do recommend they stay safe!"

We also reached out to local police just to see if they'll issue any warnings for the bozos running around on Halloween night. So far they're not talking.

So, here's hoping this Halloween, folks can tell the difference between good and evil!