What’s Next?! Company Offers At Home STD Tests!

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DALLAS -- You know that feeling when you have a hot date coming up? That butterflies in your stomach kind of thing? Bet it doesn't last long when you get a text like this one:

"BTW...when were you last tested?"

A bit of a buzz kill, yeah, but also a necessary one. Now you could go to the doctor, but a new website says there is an easier option.

"GetTested is really trying to push people to take charge of their health, and we're even bringing STD testing to your door to do that," said GetTested.com spokesperson Hannah Dela Cruz.

You read that right. STD testing to your door.

They send you the kit, you perform the test, send it in, and in a matter of days, the result is sent straight to your smartphone.

Why is it even necessary, though?

"Being able to trust your provider, and being able to discuss those sensitive issues is something that takes time," said Uptown Physicians Group Nurse Practitioner Peter Triporo.

And none of us, even our doctors, feel like we have time to spare anymore!

"I wanted to know an answer immediately because I wanted that instant gratification, which I think is the society we live in now," Triporo said about taking other tests at home over the years.

Because of that, the doctors are seeing fewer patients even when necessary tests need to get done.

"93% of millennials don't visit the doctor for preventative health," Dela Cruz pointed out.

Uptown Physicians Group does tests for some of our area's most at-risk individuals, so do they think an at home test can work?

"If you feel more comfortable at your home providing one, at least know or have an action plan set," Triporo said.

And he doesn't mean a "gettin' some action" plan! Whether at home or at the clinic, get the test done if you plan to have fun!