Professional Clowns Fear Backlash From Creepy Clown Imposters

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DALLAS -- For a lot of people, clowns are no laughing matter. The creepy clown craze is spooking folks from coast to coast. In North Richland Hills, folks were buzzing about a possible clown around town but cops say no reports have officially come in.

You might remember last week we told you about Fort Worth schools beefing up security after a Facebook group called “Ain't Clownin' Around" made terroristic threats against teachers and students.

“Real professional clowns are never anything like that,” said professional clown, Maggie The Magical Clown.

The scary clowns have inspired some folks to start a Facebook group that aims to hunt down those who are up to something funny, with paintball guns. The professional clowns say they fear they could become targets.

Professional Clown Dubble Bubble told NewsFix, “What about that clown that is going back to their car in a neighborhood they`re not real sure about and they could be attacked. It`s pretty scary.”

According to Hanky the Clown, she has  even started getting threatening phone calls.

“They were calling my business number and then they said 'I`m going to get you.' It was just a shock and so I just hung up the phone,” Hanky said.

So while creepy clowns are on the rise, the pros want to make sure that folks know not all clowns are bad.

“When a child meets a clown, a good clown, they fall in love with that clown. And that clown becomes their best friend and they don`t want that clown to leave,” said Maggie The Magical Clown.

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