Hard to Bee-lieve: Bees on Endangered List for First Time

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HAWAII - Looks like the bee community just got some pretty bad news. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated 7 bee species from Hawaii as endangered; the first time bees have ever been on the dreaded list.

The bees are facing extinction due to issues like loss of habitat, wildfires, and other invasive species. It’s a situation that’s being taken seriously since the bees are the most important pollinators for many trees and plants in Hawaii.

Earlier this year, General Mills attempted to bring attention to the issue by removing the bee mascot from boxes of Cheerios to show how dire the problem could become. It was part of the company`s bring back the bees initiative which asked people to plant 35 million wildflowers to help spark the declining bee population.

In North Texas places like Central Market in Dallas have partnered up with the American Honey Bee Protection Agency to place a honey bee colony on the rooftop of the store. Projects like this have become even more important as it`s become apparent that spraying insecticides to rid communities of Zika infected mosquitoes also kills off bees.

Hopefully, these initiatives will bring new life into the bee community, we`re sure plants and other wildlife will thank us for it.