Namasdrake: There’s Really a Drake-Themed Yoga Class

LOS ANGELES -- Hold on to your Lululemon’s, fellow yogis, we've got something that'll make you say Namasdrake!

drake-yogaYup, Yoga just went from 0-100 real quick.

The ever so popular Vinyasa Flow has been taken over by the king of feels, better known as Drake. And yes it's a thing!

With its catchy slogan "Just Hold on We're Going Om," this hour-long class in Los Angeles is heaven on earth for every Champagne Papi obsessed yoga addict!

The playlist is a mix of Drake's emotional tunes like "Marvin's Room" and some of his club bangers like "Big Rings,”which is sure to turn your downward dog into a downward Drizzy!

So,if you're tired of running through the sixth, you should probably change it up and get some views from the mat.