Your Killer Fashion May Be Killing You

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DALLAS -- If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, here’s one from doctors: Your killer fashion may be hurting you.

For example, Dr. Pablo Zeballos says those stilettos come high on the list of hurts for women.

“You can end up having pelvic changes, spine changes, you can end up having a lot of stress in the hip, a lot of stress in the back," explained Dr. Zeballos.

Even flats aren't good for you all the time, especially if they offer zero support. And the skinny on skinny jeans? Well, they may be a little too skinny.

And the must-have bag can be a pain in the back. Throwing it on one side can throw your back out a whack. As in life, when it comes to bags, it's all about balance.

The doctor says you don't have to give up your fashion swag, but everything in moderation. As the saying goes, "No pain, no gain," right??