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SEE IT: Bar Surveillance Video Shows Woman with Accused Killer

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DENTON -- It started innocently enough at a Denton bar, but somehow ended in a brutal murder. Police identified a body found burning at a Grapevine park last Wednesday as 24-year-old Jacqueline Vandagriff.

Vandagriff was seen at multiple Fry St. bars Tuesday evening, chatting and bar-hopping with the man suspected in her murder, 30-year-old Charles Dean Bryant.

Bryant was arrested Sunday and faces capital murder charges.

Video captured at Public House and Shots and Crafts show no indication of the nightmare that was to come, and the staff saw nothing to be worried about.

But once Vandagriff's body was ID'd, it was that staff that helped police track Bryant down.  And while the video showed no sign of violence, Bryant's house gave cops all the clues they needed to arrest him.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers found Vandagriff's purse in his trash can, a kiddie pool in the back yard that matches the one her body was found in, and a circle of dead grass where they believe that one used to be.

They also say someone had started digging a hole in the back yard, and video from a nearby Walmart shows him purchasing a shovel at around 4am Wednesday morning.

But while her alleged killer awaits trial on a million dollar bond, Vandagriff's family and friends must mourn the sudden, tragic loss of a young woman they say had "a passion like no other, and a heart as pure as an angel."