Dalila’s Leftovers: Wayback Burgers

IRVING -- This past week, many of us took part in celebrating National Cheeseburger Day. And while a single -- or even a double -- patty burger is cool, I thought it was only right to celebrate the holiday with one of the biggest burgers I could find. Insert the Triple Triple from Wayback Burgers in Irving. After shooting Chew on This, I knew could not let this baby go without giving it whirl. So that I did.

Was I successful in finishing it? Well, no. But was I satisfied that I stepped up to the challenge? Yes.

Since that was my first time visiting, I'll have to go back to try a 'regular' cheeseburger. But I'll always have the memory of the Triple Triple Challenge.

Thank you for that special moment, Wayback Burgers.