Price is Right: Doctors Create Cheaper Alternatives to Expensive EpiPens

EAGAN, MN - It wasn`t too long ago that everyone was up in arms about the price hike of EpiPens. Due to the uproar over the $600 price tag Mylan, the company that makes the injectors, announced plans to come out with a cheaper generic version that will sell for $300.

In response one doctor in Minnesota has come up with an even cheaper alternative, much cheaper. It`s called Allergy Stop and Dr. Douglas McMahon says it would cost as little as $50!

There`s only one problem; the device still needs to go through funding and testing that will run upwards of a $1 million. The website is currently accepting donations.

However, before you break out your billfold, a doctor in Ohio may have the best alternative; create your own kit. All you need is a bottle of epinephrine, a syringe, and an Altoids tin to keep them in and you`ll a makeshift EpiPen for under $10 bucks! That`ll definitely leave you with some extra pocket change.

Nothing wrong with injecting a much-needed dose of common sense into this pricey issue.