Dallas Student Hit By Car After Getting Off Bus

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DALLAS-- Folks with Dallas County Schools want you to know: when the wheels on school buses stop going round and round, you should stop, too.

Bus Driver Gerald Francis said, “My sign was out flashing, I had a vehicle that was still moving. I blow my horn I look, I see a child rolling off the back of the vehicle.”

On Monday, Dallas County Schools released a video of a 12-year-old Richardson ISD student getting clipped by a car. The driver apparently wasn't paying attention to the stop arm on the side of the bus.

“You see these red lights out, your awareness should pop in," bus driver Gerald Francis said. "You’ve got babies crossing the street. This is somebody's child. This is somebody`s future. That is something that needs to be focused on.”

According to DCS, in big D alone, every day 400 drivers ignore buses who are dropping off students, even with flashing lights and stop arms.

DCS has rolled out a new PSA to help curb this problem. Luckily, the student who was hit only suffered minor injuries, but according to the boy's mom, he is now afraid to ride the bus.  It's a hard lesson for drivers to learn to pull out all the stops.