Little Lemonade Ladies Raise Over $20,000 for Dallas Officers’ Families

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DALLAS -- This summer was a struggle in Big D, no doubt about it, but a group of Dallas girls used our pain to turn lemonade into lemon-aid.

"They raised $20,000, and they did it for the families of our fallen,” Dallas Police Association President Ron Pinkston announced at Tuesday’s DPA board meeting.

The four young entrepreneurs running the stand were Landry, Lauren, Emmy, and Lily!

"We had a large mason jar on our table, and we had to take it back inside many, many times because it was so full,” lemonade stand founder Landry Nelon said.

It all started because of the love these young ladies had for the families of the five fallen officers following the July 7 ambush in downtown Dallas.

"Our mom came home from work every night, and she kissed us while we were sleeping, but those kids...their fathers never came home that night,” Lily Roberts said.

"We thought we’d be lucky to raise, like $100,” Lauren Roach and Landry Nelon said together.

Nelon continued, "At the beginning of the day we were like, 'How lucky would it be if we got $100 to take to them?’"

Oh, they outdid that to the tune of $20K, all presented with an oversized check of course, at the DPA board meeting. The money's headed straight into the Assist the Officer Fund.

It couldn’t have happened without a massive community effort, and that meant a meaningful message for the girls.

"If you just get everyone together, you can make something super big,” Emmy Roberts said.

That’s a ‘super big’ statement, both on a check and to the rest of us, from some not so big lemonade ladies.