Killer App Targets Active Shooter

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DALLAS - It seems like active shooters are popping off everywhere, like the shootings in Orlando and the Dallas police shootings last month. Well, a DFW company may have a solution to fight back with an app for that.

The Guardian Zone app lets you contact security to an emergency situation with a push of a button.

In the case of the shootings in Orlando, founder Sheryl Maas says the app could have pinpointed the shooter and helped first responders end the situation quicker.  “When something's going on, most people wonder, ‘Who can I call?’ You can pick up the phone and dial 911, but there’s going to be that gap of time before they get there. And is there somebody already on the premise who already has a gun that can help me."

Maas says during the Orlando nightclub shooting, chaos caused victims to contact family members who in turn jammed up 911 lines .The app lets you send text and pics straight to security.

Guardian Zone states, Cyber security is very important to them and they continue to strengthen the integrity of the system in order to protect clients and users.