Chris Hansen Says He’s Incorporating ‘Predator’ in New Show Crime Watch Daily

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Chris Hansen, former host of To Catch a Predator, is the new host of Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen, bringing his investigative talents to the show and incorporating To Catch a Predator with Crime Watch Daily.

To Catch a Predator was a very popular show and now's it being revamped for Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen. What can we expect?
Well Crime Watch Daily, first of all, is going to give me a great opportunity to use the kinds of enterprising techniques I like to use in investigative reporting. We'll delve into the crimes of the day and as you mentioned we'll have the new investigation Hansen vs. Predator. If you can imagine back when I first started doing these investigations we merely used decoys on chatrooms and AOL and Yahoo!. Well today there's been an explosion of social platforms where kids are communicating and where potential predators can reach out to them so once again over three and a half day period eleven men surfaced ranging from a Boston church executive to a guy who's on the list to becoming a police officer in a Connecticut community to a guy I had met on a commuter train.

Do you have any advice for parents as far as helping their kids with these predators?
I think the best thing you can teach your kid is that you shouldn't be talking to people online who you don't know in person because anybody can post a picture on a profile, the cute fourteen or fifteen year old boy or girl, and that person can actually be a sixty year old man sitting in his underwear in a basement on his computer surrounded by pizza boxes. Not everything is as it appears on the internet and you got to drive that point home in an age appropriate conversation with your kids.

What else will you be covering this season?
We looked at the case of the slain jogger, Karina Vetrano, here in New York City. Here's a thirty year old woman who's going on her daily jog, usually she jogs with her father but he had a back problem that day and didn't go with, and she never came back. So we talked to the family, spent the day with them, we get inside the case with the chief detectives here in New York City, and we have an exclusive video that shows her last few moments alive, that she jogs into this park. Hopefully that will be compelling enough to drive eyeballs to this story and hopefully we can help crack the case.