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1 Simple Trick Will Stop Pesky Telemarketers From Calling Your Cell

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Telemarketers can be annoying and even though you’ve added your number to the “do not call” list, they somehow still make it to your cellphone. Why is that?

 The “do not call” list was made 13 years ago to prevent these telemarketers from calling you and even though you might have registered your landline phone number on that list, did you register your cell number?

Basil Merenda, the Chief Deputy Attorney General, says “It’s now incumbent upon the consumer to take these extra effort to put their cellphone number on the do not call list.” But here’s the downside, you can still get calls even if you’re on the list. Since this is an election year, you’ll still get those pesky calls to join Hilary or Trump’s camp even if you’re on the “do not call” list and sometimes charities calling for donations can even make it past the list.

Don’t bother filing a complaint…nothing will happen. But if you feel like you’re getting a call from someone you think is a scammer…that’s cause for filing a complaint with the attorney general or the federal trade commission. “More likely than not, these calls originate outside the US, believe it or not, and these folks have spoofed numbers off the internet,” says Merenda.

They will usually try to elicit money from you. Unfortunately the Attorney General’s office can’t sue the caller if they’re from outside the U.S. According to Merenda, “although we might not be able to bring a consumer protection type of lawsuit, we can at least have it on record, compile this information so we can go back down the line if these scammers trip up and make a mistake.”

If the company is in the United States the the Attorney General can file a lawsuit against those scammers who violate the “do not call” list and if it results in a lawsuit or settlement, you can get up to 10 percent of the winnings up to 100 dollars. So it doesn’t hurt to file a complaint.

Check out the original story here and you can check to see if your number is on the national call list here. If you’re going to add your number to the list, make sure you’ve registered it nationally and locally. Those two lists are connected to each other.