Study Reveals Deal Makers and Deal Breakers of Online Dating

ANN ARBOR, MI - You would think smartphones would bring more efficiency to dating. Instead it appears our fairly new swiping culture is making us pickier about finding that special someone.

According to a recent sociology study at the University of Michigan, the initial stage of online dating comes down to two factors; deal makers and more importantly deal breakers.

One of the top deal breakers is having a profile that doesn't include a photo. So if you`re looking to get matched up, start piling up those selfies people!

Another deal breaker? Smoking; it led to a 10-fold drop in interest.

The biggest deal breaker of all was age, at least for women. Females were 400 times less likely to browse the profile of a man much older than themselves.

Men were less likely to browse a woman`s profile if she was heavy-set.

Even with messaging being taken into account the study found that people were harshest at the browsing stage. Guess we can now say digital love is merely “screen” deep.