Jerry Jones Keeps Romo on Active Roster

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FRISCO --  Looks like Jerry Jones still has faith in his beloved Tony Romo.

Yea, the boys didn't want to rule Romo out and instead of putting him on the injured reserve list - his quarterback spot on the active roster remains untouched!

"We don't want to eliminate him from eight weeks of our schedule, he's making progress, we take his situation day by day and week by week, and we're optimistic that he can return,” says Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett.

As far as recovery from the fracture in his back, right now, Romo is expected to return in October against the Packers.

Garrett said, "I think he's getting healthier. Initially, when he had the injury he was pretty immobilized over the course of the last week or so he’s just getting better and better and better."

Some think the decision to keep Romo in play is a risk, a throw of the dice and an uncertainty but if you know Jones, he loves a gamble!

For now, the team has been given over to the fourth-round draft pick rookie Dak Prescott and his backup, newly acquired Mark Sanchez.

"We’ve played against him, we've known about him for a long, long time always admired his approach from afar and that hasn't changed in the past couple of days,” says Garrett.

So call it hope or call it a fumble, just don't call it a comeback for Romo, yet.