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Is Dallas Morning News Endorsement of Hillary Clinton In Step With Texas?

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DALLAS - The "big red state of Texas" may have become a shade of purple for a day or two. That's because the Dallas Morning News announced they would Hillary Clinton.

The paper writes that "Trump's values are hostile to conservatism", and concludes that Trump does not deserve your vote. Clinton does. The newspapers comment section is blowing up with the good, bad, and the ugly.

But do endorsements from a paper really sway voters?

“It pretty much doesn’t matter much to anybody," answers Political analyst, Debbie Georgatos. "Honestly, I think newspaper endorsements were important years ago before we had Facebook and Twitter and the internet and the ability of people to find their own news.”

The paper states they haven’t recommended a democrat for president for more than 75 years. Georgatos says the papers opinion of the presidential race in Texas may be a bit off.

“They are out of touch with where America is. It sounds like their endorsement of her and the language yesterday about Donal Trump, it sounded like something written about America in 1970," she says.

So if you think the endorsement is a snoozer and don’t agree, history shows you may not be alone.