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Fashion Fix: Dallas International Fashion Week

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DALLAS -- When you think of fashion, you think of all the hot spots like New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

Dallas doesn't really come to mind, until now.

Being centrally located and no more than a four-hour flight from most North American destinations, Dallas International Fashion Week has become an attraction for devoted fashion followers worldwide.

"This event is hosted by The City of Dallas in association with Trendy Africa Magazine and basically, the goal is just to create a platform to show the diversity of Dallas incorporating fashion," says CEO of Timalechi Nursery School of Malawi, Agnes Nkhata.

You could see multicultural designs from India, Colombia, and Kenya. Behind the scenes, artistic relationships between Dallas residents and foreign nationals were being formed.

Tosan Aduayi says "They’ve added so much value, tremendous value to what we're doing here. Actually, it's a great marriage and we pray that in the future it turns into something great."

The runway featured an exhibition of international products, a powerful dance drama by Dallas-based Mandinka drummers and a parade of flags for the twelve distinct designers.

Proceeds from the event are to benefit the Timalechi Nursery School of Malawi to give students a safe environment for their education along with clean drinking water.

The message was clear:

"Together we can make anything possible and to also show that although we are diverse, our beauty is what brings us together," said Nkhata.