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Ezekiel Elliott out of the Frying Pan, into the Pot

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DALLAS - Now that Ezekiel Elliott has been cleared of domestic violence charges, Cowboys fans can relax and focus on the big game against the Giants Sunday, right? Well, yes... but only if you want to ignore the text messages that seem to implicate that Elliott had to go the extra yard to pass a drug test.

The text messages are the latest fallout from the investigation that exonerated Elliott of any legal wrong doing but may have put him in hot water with the NFL. Court documents show text messages between Elliott and the accuser, Tiffany Thompson, discussing an upcoming drug test.

At one point Thompson texts "just do everything you can to pass your drug test tomorrow. You`ll be okay. I’m here for you." Elliott responds with "I`m gonna pass...About to live in this sauna the next 24 hours."

Even though the texts aren’t concrete evidence of drug use, the text exchange combined with his visit to a pot shop while in Seattle may be enough to place Elliott in the first stage of the NFL`s drug intervention program. It`s due to the current collective bargaining agreement which stipulates that behavior can be reason enough to flag a player.

So hopefully Zeke starts takes this latest incident as a lesson; stay away from pot shops and be careful with that phone rookie.