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#QTNA: Why Is This 🍆Emoji Used As A Sex Symbol?!

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CARY, IL -- Usually emojis symbolize an exact emotion or thing. A 😃 might equal happiness, or 🍕 probably means you're hungry for some. You get the picture. Well, for some odd reason the 🍆 emoji usually doesn't have anything to do with food!

Take Durex for example. On Monday the condom brand took to Twitter to promote their new aubergine flavored condoms. That's another word for eggplant.

It was no surprise the new product didn't quite grow on people. So, thank goodness it all turned out to be a joke. Durex is actually using the eggplant emoji to talk about safe sex while pushing for an official safe sex condom emoji.

But seriously?! What is with eggplants and sex?

Because another company that specializes in sex toys, has created the Emojibator -- in eggplant form!

Wonder if Apple had any intentions of creating an emoji that's apparently turning folks on?! 🤔