Popular Plant Soon to Be Illegal

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DALLAS - The Kratom craze may soon be over. If you don’t know what it is, don’t feel bad because it won't be around much longer.  Smoke shops tout it as a cure all for all ills, including depression.

Kratom is all over the DFW area in almost all smoke shops. It has been sold in stores for more than two years. The Gas Pipe says they will stop selling Kratom by the end of the month.

That’s because the DEA has announced it will soon make Kratom a scheduled one drug, making it illegal. The DEA says there have been 15 Kratom related deaths in the past two years. The FDA says Kratom can cause narcotic like highs but aggressive withdrawals.

Ask one mother who had to call the cops on her own daughter. "To see this beautiful young girl turn into this violent woman who only cared about in the morning turning to this capsule to drink.”

Some websites think Kratom is saving lives as a pain killer, But the DEA has other plans for the powdery plant.