Worry About This: Too Much Worrying Is Bad for You!

NEW HAVEN, CT --  Ladies, ladies, ladies you worry too much!

According to an article in the Hippocratic Post, uneasiness seems to come easily for women, especially women over the age of 25.

But it's not the common thoughts of money or relationship woes that seem to be on the brain. Experts say it’s the smaller problems like something that happened in the past or even what to wear to work the next day!

And some women are known to worry about what hasn't even happened yet!

Becoming a worry wart not only causes insomnia but has many other side effects on your physical health. Anxiety,  increased risk of heart disease, hair loss, and even acne can be triggered by torment.

But not to worry, discussing your uncertainties with friends and close family can help ease the anguish.

Bottom line, have more girls nights out!