Sorry, Y’all! Study Says Dallas Renting Market Is Still On the Rise

DALLAS -- If you're wondering why rent for an apartment in Dallas is so high, good news is -- you're not alone. But the bad news is: prices probably aren't going to drop anytime soon.

Rent may seem like a roller coaster,  usually going up and down throughout the year. But, a report from Apartment List says Dallas hasn't seen a decrease in the past year.

And compared to the rest of Texas, Dallas' rent is up more than 6%. Even Houston has lower prices than we do.

A one-bedroom in Dallas can run you about $1210, and surrounding areas like Plano don't get any better.

But, if you want to live in Arlington, the average rent is $760. Which isn't half bad considering it's home to a lot of star attractions.

So there you have it a rundown on rent.

Now, if you're thinking about moving back home with the parents, we're not judging!

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