First Look: The Stock Exchange Neighborhood Pantry

By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic

Remember the good ol’ days when a grocery store was actually a local neighborhood store with personalized service and not a behemoth where you’re treated more or less like merchandise?

Even if you don’t remember those days, you can relive that same pleasant experience with The Stock Exchange Neighborhood Pantry.

A throwback to the local grocery store of yesteryear, the store features some highly sought out items you can’t find at other stores. Plus, everything is all local from jams to veggies to roasted coffee. Get everything you need in your own neighborhood without wandering for hours in a superstore.

And, of course, there’s some good old-fashioned customer service. Let’s take a first look at The Stock Exchange, located at 5308 Junius Street in Dallas.

Take A Peek

Even though The Stock Exchange has only been open for 3 weeks, owner Mark Wootton has been more than satisfied by the neighborhood's reaction to the store, which he said has been warm and receptive. He's seen a steady stream of customers, but nothing too busy, which he admits is okay with him. Wootton calls the store in its current stage "a work in progress" and plans on getting more items, labeling all products properly and working out all the kinks.

Why You Should Shop Here in 30 Seconds

Wootton explains the mission of The Stock Exchange and what he plans on accomplishing with his throwback store. At his store, local means local, so there's a strong focus on community.

Jamming Jams

Photo by Tamara McCullough

For a great snack, why not spread some delicious JJ&B jam on just about anything. Available in a variety of flavors, there's sure to be something to suit every taste. Consisting of organic and locally grown ingredients, these jams fit in perfectly with the theme of The Stock Exchange.

Texas Knows Pickles

Photo by Tamara McCullough

Stop settling for pickles that don't understand what a true Texan needs. T-Rex Pickles are, of course, made in the great state of Texas and pickled to perfection. And get this, local beer is used in the pickling process for that unforgettable flavor that you'll be reaching for time and time again.

Quench Your Thirst Like a Texan

Photo by Tamara McCullough

Any great food item from The Stock Exchange can be washed down with an array of tasty beverages, including soda, tea and water. Honest Tea, IBC Root Beer, Jarritos, Park's and more are on full display. Personally, I couldn't resist the holy kombucha, which was a sweet and spicy delight full of probiotics, Texas lemon juice and ginger made right in DFW. All natural and all good, of course!

Oak Cliff Knows Coffee

Photo by Tamara McCullough

Who knows the coffee that Texans love? Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters has the key to the city and the key to your coffee drinking experience. Hidden City Espresso and Elena Quispe Bolivia are some of the farm-sourced coffees that you can sip and savor for a bold, flavorful cup of Texas Joe.

Veggies How They're Supposed to Be

Photo by Tamara McCullough

Veggies grow fresh, so shouldn't they still be fresh once they hit your plate? The answer to this riddle is "yes" and you can find your heart's content of fresh vegetables at The Stock Exchange. Like everything else in the store, these vegetables are grown locally, so you know exactly what you're getting. With these fresh-tasting veggies, you'll definitely want to clean your plate.